ECOWIAN MIRIAM Toilet Perfume Oil+ Limescale Remover


6 x 0,75 liter bottles – with spray head



Delivers a pleasant fragrance

Special water-repelling effect on the toilet and the urinal, prevents limescale and urine deposits



Ecowian Toilet Perfume is perfect for perfuming urinals and toilets. It forms a special coating on the surface, preventing limescale formation and urine deposition.

For perfuming toilets and urinals: Thoroughly spray the surface and leave it on. Provides a long lasting fragrance even after repeated flushes. Regular use prevents undesirable smells in the toilets.

Ingredients  <30% Isopropyl alcohol (67-63-0), <0,5 % hexyl salicylate (6259-76-3), <0,2 % lily aldehyde (80-54-6) 


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