ECOWIAN ALBA All Purpose Cleaner+ Limescale Remover Concentrate


5 litres bottle



Suitable for all bathroom surfaces



The Ecowian Universal All Purpose Cleaner with Descaler Concentrate has been developed for kitchen and bathroom use in the food and catering industry. It makes it possible to remove limescale and oily, greasy stains simultaneously. It can also be used for cleaning metal surfaces and removing metal oxides. Highly foaming components also give a better efficiency. The detergent does not flow off the surface while allowing for the contact time, therefore it is very effective in only a short time. It can be used for removing oxidation of metals, e.g. copper, INOX, aluminum, iron, etc., and is suitable for chrome and acrylic surfaces. Ruthless with lime, clay and soap residues! Highly economical dilution rate.

For very thick deposits and strong water-, milk-, and tartar-deposits: 

Depending on stubbornness, undiluted or 1:15 dilution.                                 

Light stains:                                                                                    

Tile wash:1:4 to 1:15 diultion.

 Mopping: 1:15 to 1:50 dilution. Do not use on enamel or surfaces not resistant to strong acid!

For metal cleaning, rusting: Copper, steel, aluminum, etc.: undiluted or diluted 1:4 in water.

When the oxide layer is gone, the surface must be rinsed and wiped. This will give you a completely oil-free and oxide-free surface.

Grout cleaning: Use a 1:1 to 1:4 dilution in water with a 5 minute contact time, rinsing the surface afterwards. Perform a durability test as some old grout may tend to deteriorate.

Ingredients: <35% phosphoric acid, <5% dodecylbenzenesulfonic, <5% Alcohol ethoxylate, <5%1-Methoxy-2- Propanol.   


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