Is your work environment clean enough?

However we know that perfect cleanliness is possible by using high quality commercial cleaning products,  it is less known how to do it economically, eco-friendly, with no harm to our health.

We gladly share our professional advices with you regarding usage of commercial cleaning products whatever brand and category they might be!

The first step:
Adequate use of commercial products

There is a well known fact we tend to forget about. If we calculate the amounts and dose these products properly it is not difficult to use them economically.

The Ecowian team is ready to teach you and your colleagues the exact method how you can save time, money and effort by using Ecowian commercial cleaning products. These products continuously prove in real commercial environment.

What happens on Ecowian presentation?

On a previously set date and time our staff appears at your company, present our products and their practical usage. With our overall presentation you will:

  • understand why it is necessary for your business to use good quality cleaning brands
  • what it means to save money, time and effort by appropriate use
  • how exactly you can use them in order to have a better, cleaner environment and be more productive in your business
  • by personalised survey find out how much you could save in your specific business 

You do not need to become a specialist in cleaning in order to choose the right product for you, you can leave it to us!

​If you like what you saw and decide to try out we show you on a comparison chart how much your savings could be after seeing what and how much of it you have used so far if you switch to Ecowian commercial cleaning products in the future. You will receive a personalised price list based on what you need. You will see every single penny.

The second step:
High quality cleaning products

We can tell you from experience that if you do not wish to compromise on cleanliness, the only way to save money is to use professional products.

Why are Ecowian products are so prominent?

Effectiveness. All of our products have a high active substance content, therefore you do not need to use much of them. We could generally say when our customers  switch to Ecowian they usually get a 20-30% cost reduction straight away.

Developed by ourselves. This makes cleaning very easy. We have tested these products by 350 of our own cleaners in real commercial environment.

Protecting the environment. 90% of the main ingredients naturally decompose, so they are highly eco-friendly.

All-round products. Let’s end the confusing number of products! Some areas normally require 3-4 different products in order to have a perfect surface. Just think what it means to use only one product instead of four in a kitchen or bathroom.  We know this phenomena very much, thus we put enormous attention on multi-purpose products during development.

Invariable top quality. You get the usual high quality no matter how many times ordered before, we do not change contents.

One more reason to support the Ecowian products:
It is a pleasure to work with them! Not only because they are effective, but because they are SkinSafe and have no risk to your health whatsoever.

How do we know your demands?

Very simple: we have been great users too. We have previously worked with many suppliers together, but non of them was aware of all the needs we had. When we began to develop our own products we considered 350 cleaners, their needs, capacity, workload as well as their capabilities, plus more than 40 of our own customers demands, hotels, different kind of commercial properties,  office buildings, etc. After 1,5 years we have been able to proudly produce our current existing Ecowian product range.  Product development is still at the forefront of our branding, we therefore aim to assist you with any specialised circumstances or requirements.

You are looking for something you haven’t found on our website?

Your problem is our problem. If you are missing something from your point of view, just let us know, we will do our best to find the optimal solution to your needs. We have more products already existing in other countries, if you need something special, we might be able to prepare it and deliver to your door.


The third step:
High quality on low price

When we talk about Ecowian high quality does not mean high prices. Depending on the order we can provide you with a discount price list.

What you may need to know about our company:

  • 25 years in the cleaning business
  • flexible service
  • prompt and quick reaction to your problems
  • accurate, continous delivery
  • we deliver large or small amounts

Would you like to use commercial cleaning products on a smart way?
Do not wait till tomorrow!
Ask for a free consultation or presentation today!