„Hotel area disinfection protocol”


Baktericides, Fungicides, Virucides, Algicides effect

Prepared by the manufacturers and exclusive distributors of ECOWIAN Hygiene+99 BIO disinfectant and water sanitiser, Laha Facility Ltd, Ecowian Trade Limite  and C.S.G. Ltd.


Product introduction

ECOWIAN Hygiene+99

– does not damage the skin,

– does not cause irritatation by inhalation,

– does not dry out hands,

– does not corrode or injure.

Using ECOWIAN Hygiene+99 provides an “invisible protective glove” on our hands.

ECOWIAN Hygiene+99 has one hundred times the disinfecting power of all known active chlorine-containing alkaline disinfectants, while it is a environmentally friendly usage for various cleaning and disinfection operations.
As it has a wide range of positive impacts as well as disinfection with outstanding efficiency, this product provides great safety with almost all cleaning and disinfection needs in the human environment.


It is a stable state of hypochlorous acid, that has “dynamic germicidal ability with very high efficacy against ALL known viruses and bacteria.”
It kills fungi, mold and algae.
For example: HIV, H1N1, Influenza, Ebola, Zika, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus aureus etc.

Spektrum: Baktericides, fungicides, virucides, algicides !!!!!!!!!! 


Using it during contagious periods can prevent the outbreak of the pandemic. There is no need to remove residues after using ECOWIAN Hygiene+99, no need additional cleaning either whether it is cutlery or oral care device, as well as furnitures or sinks.
Friendly to plastic surfaces and provides unique performance in the water network. It can reduce the number of human-to-human, surface-to-human infections.
Where people, especially elderlies are at risk this product can save lives. 


Areas of application:

Commercial disinfection and cleaning

Suitable for:

  • Floor washing and disinfection (machine/manual)
  • Surfaces in offices
  • Generator disinfection
  • On sports equipment, fitness machines, saunas, solariums
  • Disinfection and purification of drinking water
  • Cleaning and disinfecting cylinders and bottles
  • Hairdressing supplies and environmental hygiene for disinfection
  • Remove biofilm and disinfect
  • Cleaning and disinfection in the food industry
  • Disinfection of animal feeders and drinkers
  • Processing areas and work areas
  • Farms and hatcheries

Medical disinfection

Suitable for:

  • Cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting air conditioners
  • Cleaning and disinfecting medical devices
  • Cleaning and disinfecting hospital rooms
  • Cleaning and disinfecting baby feeding and care supplies
  • Disinfection and purification of drinking water

Washroom Hygiene

Suitable for:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and toilets
  • Cleaning and disinfecting washing machines and dishwashers
  • Cleaning and disinfecting porcelain surfaces and sanitary ware
  • Cleaning and disinfecting pools and hot tubs
  • Mold removal and surface disinfection
  • Floor washing and disinfection (machine / manual)

Kitchen and food disinfection cleaning

Suitable for:

  • Floor washing and disinfection (machine / manual)
  • Kitchen disinfection and cleaning of food contact surfaces
  • Drinking water for disinfection and cleaning
  • General surface disinfection


1. Perform daily and occasional disinfectant cleaning

With several years of cleaning experience (hotels, halls, factories, office buildings, schools, etc.)

We undertake professional disinfection cleaning appropriate personnel.

Service available soon

2. Room disinfection, sanitising with fog generator

We have a strong intention to help reopening hotel areas and other commercial facilities letting them operating their properties with maximum safety by using a special room disinfection technique.

With our procedure we sanitise your premises. Here is how:

The steam generated by the fogging machine filled with Hygiene+99 disinfectant is suitable for cleaning and sanitising buildings and rooms. The disinfectant mist is also suitable for complete sanitising and prophylactic treatment.

The machine creates a mist with high preassure and sprays around the Hygiene+99 liquid in small droplets which will thoroughly cover the entire room.

It is safe and effective to use, and our process does not cause damage to electronic equipment. The procedure is step by step:

Survey of the room (air cubic meter, temperature, humidity, microbiological contamination control)

The presence of microorganisms is confirmed by measurement.

Official quotation is given by us.

The result is confirmed by measuring a high-sensitivity surface microbiological contamination tester.

Service available soon

3. Placing disinfection stations

Disinfection stations will be located, within the framework of leases, with the continuous provision of 100% degradable professional BIO filler.

Sensory dosing allows contactless hand disinfection.

Areas of application:

Hotel lobby, office, meeting room, area of operation, kitchen, food preparation, restaurant, bar, SPA.


Hygiene+99 is available to fill existing stations, own stations will come soon

4. A positive experience for the guests: 

After the COVID 19 pandemic is under control, there will be a demand to increase the level of travellings. However the world will still need us to do everything possible to minimise the possibility of infections.


Once we are over the last critical period, old fashion cleaning and traditional hand sanitiser products will need to follow that pattern.


Every person who travels will feel safe in their accommodations if they see that the accommodation providers do everything they can to fight viruses and bacteria.


Part of that:

– Disinfectant cleaning, especially when done with natural agents will become “generally required” as well as hand sanitising stations described above and much more. 

– The most basic will be a “BIO hand sanitizer kit”. Hygiene+99 is a perfect choice. It can be put in the guest’s bag or pocket, and when they go out they feel that the hotel takes care of their safety. It is a little plus that leaves a long-lasting positive experience in the guest’s mind. 


Our company uniquely labels the product with the hotel’s logo in case of an order of 2,000 pieces, 120 ml.


5. The effective fight against the virus (water purification, disinfection):

When it comes to effective disinfection, in addition to cleaning, property hygiene, and hand sanitising of our staff and guests, we need to pay close attention to the long-lasting virus protection.

To achieve a lasting effect we have to prevent the spread of bacteria in the building through the use of incoming tap water and the invisible dripping water spray (mostly in the kitchen or bathroom). Without paying enough attention to this, the work can not be fully complete.


Our company offers a professional solution to its customers.

Swimming pools:

Service available soon

Electrically activated water, the new disinfectant production technology

The use of chemical disinfectants has caused serious environmental damage in recent decades, as many disinfectants are very difficult and slow to decompose, leaching into soil and living waters. Conventional chlorine-based drinking water or pool water disinfection materials produce chlorination that have been proven to be carcinogenic.


Chlorine gas poisoning increases in the world every year. Resistance to many widely used surface disinfectants has developed various pathogens.


Comparison of different chlorine-based water disinfection technologies

The table below compares the most common chlorine-based disinfectants.

The production of electrically activated water using new technology is cost-effective, does not cause environmental damage, is not dangerous to humans and wildlife, and no resistance is known so far.

Expense considerations:

  • The amount of electricity used in the production is low
  • The equipment line is automated, we attend the little operation intervention that is needed.
  • A single piece of equipment can provide complete water and surface disinfection of a swimming pool.

It is also suitable for disinfecting cold water and domestic hot water.

With the equipment the requirements of the Legionella Regulation perfectly met.


  • ECOWIAN Hygiene+99 has the ability to kill algae, no separate algaecide is required to disinfect pool water.
  • The amount spent on safety equipment can be reduced.
  • Chlorine gas, chlorite, bromate or chlorine dioxide levels do not need to be monitored.
  • The elimination of hazardous substances reduces the paperwork associated with treatment, the need for occupational safety training and the need for occupational safety equipment.
  • No need to classify rooms and work areas as hazardous places.


Swimming pool water disinfection

The operation of disinfection systems based on widespread chlorine gas dosing equipment is a well-regulated hazardous plant that requires great care. Despite precautions and decades of practice, fatal chlorine gas poisonings occurs every year around the world, either as a result of human error or technical failure.

The use of electrically activated water in swimming pools is popular because it creates a safe swimming environment without unpleasant odors or eye irritation very typical of chlorine disinfection. In contrast to chlorine gas or hypo disinfection, much less chlorination are produced.

The application scheme is divided into three parts:

Disinfectant production (ECOWIAN Hygiene+99 production)

Adding disinfectant to the rotated and filtered pool water.

Rotation and filtration of pool water.

It is beneficial for pool users because:

There is no health risk.

No eye or skin irritation.

The characteristic odor of chlorination is not – or much less – felt, as much less of it is produced. This is also important because chlorination have been proven to be carcinogenic.

In addition to disinfecting the pool water, it can be used for domestic hot water: it kills Legionella bacteria in the piping system, making the use of showers completely safe.

The concentrated disinfectant can be used as much to disinfect the pool environment as showers and toilets.

The spread of algae stops, active chlorine as well as limescale will be eliminated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swimming pool disinfecting system