What makes a degreaser heavy duty?

Heat always improves the cleaning effect. A heavy duty degreaser is cold because it does not need to be heated to dissolve grease. Specifically, it communicates that its degreasing quality is so strong that it handles fat even without being warmed up. The cold degreaser (heavy duty) handles even half-year-old residues!

What is the difference between ready to use cleaning materials and concentrates?

Ecowian products are concentrates. A concentrate is much thicker than commonly available cleaning products. It can often be important to have a concentrated chemical available, as there is less storage demand and it is the most economical in proportion as we supply and transport less water.

It is important to buy a spray bottle in addition to concentrates, why?

In addition to the concentrate, it is important to buy spray bottles, because you can dilute the detergent accurately and is safer to store. It is a fact that when there is no proper dilution bottle at hand, even food jars and glasses are used for dilution, we do not have to say why we should not do that. The danger of this action must not be underestimated! The proper bottles have their own label, so after several months you will know whats in that bottle and you can be sure that strong alkali doesnt make a damage as it does on a PET bottle.

Why does Ecowian degreaser not have a pungent odour during use?

Because it does not contain chemicals, which of course increases the effect but does not support the health of the user. Ecowian degreasers have a much more innovative composition, making them as effective as the chemicals but do not cause breathing problems during use.

Is Ecowian degreaser suitable to clean ceramic hobs?

Ecowian Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate diluted in 1:5 (or Ecowian Degreaser Concentrate, the ready-to-use version of the heavy duty concentrate in 1:2 dilution) is perfect for cleaning ceramic hobs.

How can I quickly degrease the restaurant's extraction system?

Simply spray the surfaces with a 1:5 dilution of Ecowian Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate. If these are removable kitchen parts, after 5 minutes of contact time we have nothing to do but rinse the surfaces with warm water. In most cases it is sufficient and does not need to be rubbed, of course, it also depends on whether the extractor has been cleaned regularly or even has not been dealt with for months.

Is it really enough to wait 5 to 10 minutes to clean the burnt fat on the bottom of the pots?

Yes, it is enough. However it can be sped up if the dish is heated to 80 degrees.

How do I clean grease on tiles?

Grease can be built up on the wall next to the gas stove. Even though you tried a stove cleaner, it didnt come off. Use the Ecowian Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate, it will come off!

There are plenty of greasy dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen, and they often get burnt grease on them. How can I quickly remove it?

If we talk about heavily and repeatedly burnt grease the solution is the Ecowian Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate. If you want to speed up the procedure you can heat the pan, but make sure that it is not hotter than 80 degrees Celsius.

How do I clean a pan, so I don’t have to rub?

It depends on what kind of pan it is in terms of its material. If its a non stick frying pan alkaline material should not be used on it, because they have aluminum content, which the alkali erodes out of its structure and dissolves the surface layer of the pan. In this case, Ecowian LOLA Professional kitchen dishwashing detergent concentrate is the most suitable.

If the pan is made of iron, for example a pancake pan it is not recommended to use a strong degreaser either, because the pancake will burn on the smooth metal surface the next time you use it. Therefore, Ecowian LOLA Professional kitchen dishwashing detergent concentrate is the best option to clean them. If you still want to remove the burnt grease from the surface, use the Ecowian Degreaser concentrate for the first time, then you need to gently burn a little oil onto the surface afterwards, this will prevent the pancakes from burning.

It is a nightmare to mop in the restaurant’s kitchen because the fat drops to the floor, it sticks immediately and becomes slippery! How can I remove it efficiently?

It is important to know in this case whether if it is a receiving section, as well as dishes and cleaning section or a cooking place, the production section. Ecowian Degreaser concentrate can be used in cooking sections to remove grease from the floor. If you are in the receiving section, dishes and cleaning section you must first wash with Ecowian ALBA All Purpose Cleaner + Limescale Remover concentrate with a 1:5 dilution. The reason for this is that these areas have a lot of water so the surface is a kind of grease + limescale + grease + limescaleetc. With the limescale remover, the limescale is dissolved from the layers, then grease will come up easily afterwards. Therefore, it is not effective to use only degreasers in such places.

I am a mom, have 2 small children, so I would spend as little time as possible on cleaning. How can I wash quickly and safely in the kitchen? Cleanliness is particularly important because of my children!

For this purpose Ecowian CARLA Floor and Multi-surface Cleaner Concentrate with Floral Fragrance is the most suitable for your home. It contains alcohol, but it dries quickly and smoothly, very simple to use, the alcohol evaporates into the air in a minute, so you do not have to worry about harmful effects.

For disinfection of surfaces use Ecowian Hygiene+99 disinfectant and cleaner. This product will disinfect all viruses, bacteria and decomposes 100%. It leaves no chemical residues on kitchen surfaces and almost everything can be cleaned and disinfected with it, whether it is stainless steel, glass, plastic or stone, it is perfect even for wooden surfaces.

Does your product have a harmful effect in the body if they are not rinsed from the surface properly, so detergent residues remain on it?

Ecowian Hxgiene+99 disinfectant and cleaning agent is the only disinfectant which does not need to be rinsed at all, it is safe to contact food or can be touched without harmful effects.

Surfaces must be rinsed thoroughly in all other cases and other cleaning materials where the surface comes into contact with food.

Detergent residues can be corrosive, irritating or harmful. Of course, there is no need to worry about this, just like dishwashing ends with rinsing and dripping, a dish or oven must be rinsed with clean water after used a degreaser on it.

In which industries or areas are Ecowian commercial cleaning products the most effective?

Wherever we want to get a clean and infection-free area.

What should I do if the surface has become sticky after using Ecowian commercial cleaning materials?

Rinse with plenty of water. If it is not sticky because of an overdose, but because something is dissolved it should be cleaned again after rinsing, then rinse again.

Wouldn't be Ecowian commercial cleaning products more effective in foaming?

It would not be more efficient because it can be used in machines this way. Its cleaning effect is not affected by the inhibited foaming, as it is not done by anti-foaming, so its effect is not worse. Its composition simply makes it possible that its foam collapses in 1:200 dilution, this is called fash foam.