Authorised Ecowian Hygiene+99 environmentally friendly, bio cleaning and sanitising products which are effective against all known viruses and germs.

As a distributor Ecowian Trade Limited we merged with C.S.G Ltd in order to develop and test a stable hypochlorous acid, which has highly effective germicidal abilities against ALL known viruses and germs.

It destroys fungi, mould and algae. E.g.: HIV, H1N1, Flu, Ebola, Zika, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

Ecowian Hygiene+99 is an environmentally friendly, bio cleaning and sanitising product produced by special equipment via electrolysis from salt and water.

The manufacturing method: we are pumping the aqueous solution of sodium chloride, commonly known as salt thorough an anode and a cathode sided chamber divided by a semipermeable membrane in the middle, where we lead direct current through the anode (+) and the cathode (-) electrodes dipped into the salty liquid, i.e. the electrolyte, and as a consequence of the electrochemical process during water decomposition, the water (H2O)+salt (NaCl) splits into HOCl at the anode and NaOH at the cathode. The above manufacturing method might seem really simple, however, the stages of the manufacturing process are strictly regulated and the circumstances of the technological operations are kept all along under control and controlled by PLC.
This specific compound, the hypochlorous acid is being produced in the human body as well; it is generated by the immune system that deploys them to kill fungi and germs that are causing an infection.

The process of making Ecowian Hygene+99 copies the process in the human body, so the “miracle substance” is fully natural.
The hypochlorous acid (H-O-Cl) contains chlorine – since it has been formed from salt – , but in a very low concentration, it does not reach 0,01 percent; moreover, its pH is neutral, which means it does not irritate the surface of the skin and contrary to traditional sanitising products which irritate and dry the skin, this product does not cause any harm to your skin, hair or your clothes even using it multiple times a day.

Domestic hypo contains 3-5%, industrial hypo contains 15% active chlorine. Any other chlorine-based sanitiser contains at least 3% active chlorine and other additional chemical substances, therefore they are harmful to the environment and human life.
Ecowian Hygene+99 produces 100 times stronger sanitising power than normal products, it can be used for various cleaning and sanitising purposes environmentally friendly, completely (100%) and naturally decomposes in the environment.

The coronavirus (COVID-19)
According to Amesh Adalja, an expert on infectious diseases working at John Hopkins University, there is some basis for the hopes that when spring arrives, the spreading of the virus will stop, or at least it will slow down to a degree that will give us time to develop a vaccine against it.

However, this doesn’t mean we will get rid of it for good. Four other coronaviruses have been already causing seasonal illness outbreaks, and though they usually produce the symptoms of a mild cold, they can each cause pneumonia as well, which is also the most dangerous complication of COVID-19. According to Amesh Adalja, the new coronavirus will join these other ones.

As we know fairly little about the new virus, experts are trying to collect as much data regarding its genetic structure and its effects as fast as possible. According to a Chinese study – which was reviewed by -, COVID-19 is different compared to earlier coronaviruses in a way that makes it similar to Ebola, HIV and a few avian flu viruses.

According to Chinese experts, COVID-19 is a thousand times more successful in attaching to host cells than SARS which caused a coronavirus in 2002-2003, and with which they share an 80% similarity in genetic structure. However, in contrast with SARS, COVID-19 infects with a protein called furin; this is unlike previous coronaviruses, but similar to Ebola and HIV.

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Based on the test results, the substance we developed kills all known viruses, and as the experts say, the coronavirus spreads through a protein called furin, which is an attribute of Ebola and HIV. As we can destroy these with our sanitiser, we assume with Ecowian Hygene+99 we can take effective actions to combat coronavirus as well.

Of course, we haven’t been able to do coronavirus tests yet, because we finished testing before the outbreak of the pandemic and we haven’t started the authorisation procedure regarding this matter, so we would like to ask for help to organise laboratory testing as a matter of urgency (with 1, 5 and 10 minute contact time) when necessary.

Our current manufacturing capacity is:
2500-6000 litre/day

We are able to deliver even bigger quantities in a few days time.

Application of the product:
Since it has a wide range of spectrum in sanitising, it can be safely applied to almost any areas in the human environment that needs to be cleaned or sanitised including:

Children’s room
Indoor pet’s territory
Disinfection of water supply network
Industrial equipment and machinery
Dispensers, filling machines

Ecowian Hygiene+99 complies with the strictest hygienic regulations. No residual substance is left on surfaces and it has a 100% sanitising effect. Ensures proper microbiological quality of drinking water used for technology and for manufacturing.

Commercial use:

Serving kitchen
Kitchen hygiene
Sanitary facilities
Hot water distribution system (Legionella Decree)
Room hygiene

It does not damage plastic surfaces and provides a unique performance in the water distribution system:
Waiting rooms
Hospital rooms
Operating rooms
Surgery hygiene

It does not damage the surface of medical equipment which worth millions, it does not damage micro switches that are necessary for their operation, it does not damage incubators. It provides safe microbiological environment at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It can be safely used in the environment of infants and patients at the intensive care units with weak immune system.
Processing tools
Medical room
Common room

It reduces the spreading of infection from human to human and from surfaces to human; it can save lives at places where many elderlies, patients or people with weak immune system are staying.